In Russia, Binance’s website was blacklisted by Roskomnadzor, the Federal Service for Surveillance of Communications, Information Technology and Media.

Binance in the sights of regulators in Russia

According to a statement posted by Binance on its Russian Telegram channel, Roskomnadzor has included the exchange’s website in its junk directory.

According to the notice the regulator sent to Bitcoin News Trader on September 24, the exchange would be accused of disseminating data considered unauthorized in Russia.

This situation is surprising, especially since according to Binance, this would only be „information on how to acquire cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)“.

Binance denounces an injustice, because the opinion was communicated only yesterday, while the measure has been in effect since June 2 .

“In the past, we have not received any notification from law enforcement or civilian government, or judicial authorities regarding the existence of claims or court rulings,” Binance said.

The exchange is said to have already started discussions with legal professionals in order to obtain appropriate legal assistance.

In fact, the site is still accessible to Russian residents, at least as of this writing.

Binance has assured its customers that the service will be continuous and that their cryptocurrencies are safe.

Will the Binance Card’s arrival in Russia be smooth?

At the end of July, Russia passed a bill banning the use of cryptocurrencies for the purchase of goods and services.

However, about three weeks ago, Binance reaffirmed its intention to launch its crypto card in Russia.

While the exchange appears to be concerned about complying with local regulations, things could take an unexpected turn in the coming months.